Hydro-Sheen – For when you want to Shine!

Want your fleet to turn heads? Hydro-Sheen is the way to get attention!

This month we are highlighting Hydro-Sheen and the many reasons why we use this to serve our customers.

What is Hydro-Sheen?

Put simply, Hydro-Sheen is a rinse aid that promotes spot-free drying, leaves a glossy finish on painted surfaces, and helps repel adherence of contaminants. You know Hydro-Sheen when you see it because you’ll see yourself in the reflection!

See below for that glossy look that leaves a reflection!

Why we use Hydro-Sheen

1. Spot Free Rinsing

Water spots form when water with a high TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) rating is used for the washing and rinsing process. Water spots are evidence of elements or hard water solids such as calcium, salt, iron, and other minerals being in the water as it comes from the tap. This is the same idea as hard soap scum building up or your shower head developing a goofy spray over time. 

When water with a TDS rating of around 50 or higher is used, you’ll notice a lot of spitting because the solids are carried by the water. When the water evaporates from your vehicle’s surface, the dissolved solids are left behind since they can’t evaporate. Think about the process of distilling water to remove contaminants- water evaporates but the junk is left. 

You can fight TDS by using a RO/DI water system (reverse osmosis / de-ionizing) to pull the solids out of the water before you apply it or you can use an additive like Hydro-Sheen. RO/DI systems are expensive and often don’t keep up with the demand needed for fleet washing. We often use over 5,000 gallons of water at some of our larger stops. It’s not prudent to install an RO/DI system at our shop and then haul 5,000 gallons to the customer. So that’s where Hydro-Sheen comes into the picture. 

2. Protective Barrier

Hydro-Sheen puts a protective barrier in place on the vehicle’s surface that doesn’t allow the dissolved solids to adhere to the vehicle as it dries. The solids run off with the rinse and you’re left spot-free when it dries. 

The protective coating from Hydro-Sheen also adds a high gloss finish to the vehicle. In some cases, it even looks like the vehicle has been waxed because it has a brilliant finish. Many times you can see a reflection in the paint. 

3. Bug and Road Gunk Protection

Lastly, Hydro-Sheen helps defend against everyday villains like road film and bugs. The protective layer makes it harder for these things to stick to the vehicle- think non-stick cookware type of concept. When there’s less gunk stuck on the truck, it looks cleaner longer, and is easier for us to wash at the next cycle. 

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If you have a large number of trucks or vehicles, the use of Hydro-Sheen and regular fleet washings can be an amazing long-term investment. Fleet washing not only helps your brand to stand out but also protects your vehicles from building up dirt and grime that could cause mechanical and functional use problems.

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