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Ozark Detergent Distributors is a family-owned and operated business based out of Northwest Arkansas that offers specialized pressure washing and cleaning solutions.

Our mission is to provide efficient cleaning solutions that are convenient, affordable, and environmentally friendly for regional pressure washing companies. 

ODD is an official Hydro-Chem Systems distributor. From fleet cleaners to specialized detergents for tough applications, we can help you save time, labor costs, and water. Many of our detergents are non-hazardous, environmentally friendly, and safe, even for pets or plants.

Please see below for a list of our current soaps and solutions. 

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Why purchase high quality soaps? 

Whether you’re washing a fleet or covering a large parking lot, a high quality detergent can make a huge difference in reducing your wash time and labor costs. Here are some of the top reasons why many pressure washing industry professionals choose to purchase Hydro-Chem Systems products:

  • Safe on polished aluminum, glass, metal, & painted surfaces
  • Has degreasing and bug removal properties

  • Leaves paint looking glossy

  • Strong foaming capability
  • Works well in cold or hard water

  • Versatile for many different methods of soap application

  • Brightens aluminum without acids

  • Helps break down carbon based soils like oils and greases

  • Removes paint oxidation

  • Will not etch glass

  • Ships non-hazardous

  • Limited or no HF, Sulfuric, or Citric acid

  • It contains no caustics, acids, phenols, petroleum solvents, chlorinated/fluorinated solvents or butyls
  • Leave a protective coating on the truck surface

Why use a top shelf detergent line like HCS? 

HCS products are blended with strict quality control standards to help ensure consistent results that bring value to the service you’re providing. The current HCS product line is the result of over 5 decades of detergent solution R&D and continuing investments in new products to improve end user results.

What is a “Mobile Wash Kit?” 

A Mobile Wash Kit, commonly abbreviated “MW Kit,” is a 6-gallon pail of extremely concentrated slurry that’s designed to be blended by the end user with water to produce a 55-gallon drum of “Ready to Use” soap, the dilution commonly run through downstream injectors, remote systems, and 2-step guns. In some cases, users will blend the MW kits to lesser amounts than 55 gallons depending on their specific needs to make varying forms of “concentrate” soap. From a value standpoint, the MW kits are often a more economical value per gallon than pre-mixed “off the shelf” traditionally available products because the user is undertaking the time to blend themselves with their own water.

What are your payment terms? 

We do not offer net terms on detergent or equipment sales. All orders must be paid in full when they’re placed. We accept major credit cards and process payments through Square. We do not accept cash or check.

Can I come to your location for will-call style pick up? 

Yes. Customers are allowed to pick up their orders for no additional charge at our office in Springdale, Arkansas on Mondays and Thursdays between 10AM and 4PM CST. Depending on availability and under certain circumstances, customers may request an afterhours pick up if their order has been paid in full and the customer accepts responsibility for the order when it’s made available at the designated pick-up location. In these circumstances, ODD is not responsible for the order after it’s placed for pickup outside normal hours.

How do you ship? 

We ship all orders not set aside for pickup via LTL freight with Central Transport and XPO Logistics. Shipping with Central Transport is billed at a flat rate per pallet up to 2500 LBS. Shipping with XPO Logistics is billed by weight. Each carrier has advantages in certain situations. We do not offer standard “ground” shipping- only LTL freight.

When do you ship? 

Orders are packaged for shipping on Mondays and Thursdays. Orders for in-stock products placed by 3PM CST Friday will ship Monday. Orders for in-Stock products placed by 3PM CST Wednesday will ship Thursday. Exceptions to these shipping guidelines are made in cases involving out of stock items. In cases involving out of stock items, the items are shipped the first business day after they’re received.

Do you offer training or consultations? 

We do offer in-person training and consultations for HCS products at our office in Springdale on Mondays and Thursdays from 10AM to 4PM CST. We do not travel to the customer’s jobsites or allow customers to visit our internally managed job sites.

Do I need any special equipment to use HCS products? 

No. HCS products can be used in accordance with the user’s specific needs and applications. HCS products may be applied in any number of manners including, but not limited to, downstream injection, 2-step gun, foam cannon, dedicated pump, pump sprayer, remote system, or X-Jet. ODD can assist in calculating specific blending and draw ratios for your specific application and washing needs.

Ready to make an order?

Ozark Soap Distributors (a sister company of Pro’s Pressure Washing) can help you with all your detergent needs. Simply fill out the form below to let us know what you’d like to order. Or, if you have questions, just let us know and we’d be glad to point you in the right direction for your soap application.