The Power of Bug Soaker

If you’ve ever driven at dusk in the middle of the summer, you’ve probably experienced what many call a “bug shower.”

Bugs and insects are attracted to the bright headlights, and before you know it, your truck is covered in bug guts. Add a couple hundred miles of driving, in combination with the heat from the engine and the pavement, and pretty soon you’ve got concrete-like substance that is stuck to your vehicle!

Bug Soaker is the ultimate solution for fleets that deal with bugs!!

What is a Bug Soaker?

The truth is that most truck or fleet washes won’t even put a dent in getting the dried bug material off the truck. The power of Bug Soaker is all the difference!

Bug soaker is compromised of a detergent blend that breaks down the protein in the bug matter by turning it into a soft gel-type material that easily rinses away without the usual hard scrubbing.

The bug soaker is applied to surfaces with bug accumulations as a pre-treatment before washing. It works by penetrating the dried bug material and softening it so it washes off during the rinse cycle during normal fleet washing services.

The Benefits of Bug Soaker

No Paint Damage – bug soaker eliminates scrubbing or brushing and the risk of damaging paint, aluminium, and other materials on the outside of your truck.

Touchless System – touchless washing means no micro abrasions, scratches or swirls on the paint or vehicle from hard brushing.

Targets Bugs – the detergent blend contains buffers that target the bug matter while protecting the vehicle surface from damage.

Biodegradable and Phosphate Free

Best for Semi-Trucks and Fleet Washing – very popular with vehicles that spend time on the highway as opposed to just local driving.

Large Quantities – Available in 5 and 55 gallon quantities.

Multi-Use Mixing – Can be used from 10:1 to straight dilutions.

Surfactant – Contains Surfactant to enhance dwell time before drying or running off.

Fleet Washing and Bug Soaker

If you have needs for a fleet washing in Northwest Arkansas, we’ve got you covered. From polishing aluminium to pressure washing trucks with concrete and oils, we have customized solutions for almost every application.

For a free quote or application estimate, please give us a call at 479.601.5551.